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Atlantic Sail & Canvas Company, maker of silkscreened and embroidered canvas bags for the corporate market. Atlantic Sail & Canvas Company makes canvas bags, tote bags, boat bags, sail bags and deal bags. We also make duffel bags, canvas tote bags, canvas duffel bags, printed canvas bags, silkscreened canvas bags, screen printed canvas bags and deal bags.

Our site has information on many of our canvas bag styles, including tote bags and duffel bags. All of the Atlantic Sail & Canvas bags can be decorated with your logo. Atlantic Sail & Canvas is dedicated to making the best in practical bags from the finest traditional canvas materials. We handle all the silkscreening and embroidery decoration of the bags to ensure an incredible final product that will more than meet your expectations. If you are unable to open our site by using the links above, please look at our Gallery section.